Why Can’t Kids Get Dental Implants?

Posted on Jan 22, 2019 by 1899 Dental Implant

Mother and Daughter Discussing Dental Options with a DentistAdults aren’t the only ones who can lose a permanent tooth. Children can experience tooth loss during accidental trauma or other situations. However, when it comes to replacing that missing tooth, dental implants may not be the immediate solution. While it is rare to say someone is too old for dental implants, it is possible to be too young.

Why Bone Development Matters

Why would a child not qualify for dental implants? It all comes down to bone growth and development. Dental implants are a permanent solution that involves inserting a titanium post into the jawbone. The implant fuses to the bone over time and becomes ready to anchor a prosthetic tooth or teeth. In a child whose jaw has not yet finished growing, the implant process can be problematic.

If the implant is placed too soon, there are two major concerns that can occur. First, if the jaw continues to grow after the implant placement, the implant won’t adjust the way a natural tooth does. Instead, the implant may look long and abnormal against the surrounding teeth as the child gets older. Second, the implant may actually impede the proper growth of the jaw or prevent the rest of the child’s teeth from erupting in their natural position.

The Temporary Solution

Don’t worry; if your child loses a permanent tooth, they don’t have to suffer the emotional and health-related consequences of having a missing tooth. Most dentists will provide a natural-looking prosthetic tooth to hold the place of the missing tooth until a dental implant can be placed. In many cases, these restorations are held in place with traditional braces or clear aligners.

If you would like to learn if your child or teenager can qualify for dental implants, please call 1899 Dental Implants. We have the advanced dental imaging and training it takes to give parents an accurate answer about when the jaw bone is ready to handle implant dentistry. 

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