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It only takes one missing tooth to destroy your beautiful smile. You could get a partial or a dental bridge to restore the missing tooth. However, if you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing and more permanent solution, you need to consider a single tooth dental implant.

Single Tooth Dental ImplantIf you’ve ever had a pebble in your shoe irritating your foot while walking, you can imagine what it would feel like to have a strawberry seed or other piece of food debris caught underneath a partial denture. Getting a dental bridge requires altering both teeth on either side of the missing tooth. The single tooth dental implant is superior to both options for replacing a missing tooth. This is because you don’t need to be concerned about food getting caught causing discomfort, and the placement of the implant does not disturb any of your other teeth.

The Implant Process

Restoring a single tooth with an implant is a fairly straightforward process. A small surgical procedure is required to place a titanium implant in the jawbone in the area of the missing tooth. The next phase is to attach an abutment to the implant. This device is usually constructed of titanium, gold or porcelain. The abutment is the part of the implant that receives the crown, which is the area of the tooth that can be seen.

The final step of the procedure is to place the crown on the abutment. The crown is usually porcelain fused to a metal alloy. However, crowns can also be completely metal or all porcelain, depending on preference. It is either screwed or cemented onto the abutment. When a crown is screwed in place, the hole with the screw is filled with a composite material, so it will not show.

Your 1899 Dental Implant is made from high-quality materials and placed by a dentist with years of dental implant experience. Our price may be lower than the competition, but there is no compromise on quality. Contact us today to find out more about single tooth dental implants.

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Our Patient Reviews

Liz B.

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Mark F.

I came to check their facility in Elk Grove, I called the 1899 number and the lady upfront was very nice and she scheduled me for free implant consult and when i reached their i was thrilled as facility was very modern, I got my CT scan done, no charge, whereas my oral surgeon in Sacramento wants to do it for $300 and dentist was very young, I was skeptical at first and I spoke to their other patients in the reception area and all say good things about him, I got my quote for 3 dental implants which is price of 1 dental implant from my oral surgeon here in downtown Sacramento. Go check them out they are good .

Brenda P.

Love there office in Elk Grove, they are best dental implant office in Sacramento, got my 2 implants done which I was waiting for so many years at almost half the price and they have latest technology, I am so excited to smile again, thanks to my friend who refereed me here and driving an hour was worth it.

Micheal S.

Got my All on 4 Implant dentures done here, prices were way cheaper than other places and doctors are very nice and knowledgeable.

Amy W.

Such a great experience at one of their offices in Elk Grove, Ora dental Implant Studio, Dr. Dalla was very knowledgeable, I got my All on 4 procedure done and everyone compliment on my smile now, their prices were way much better than clear choice. If you are looking for All on 4 implant denture in Sacramento I would highly recommend go check them out.

Lisa H.

Best dental office to get your dental implants done in Sacramento.