Dental Implants Napa Valley

Missing teeth can jeopardize your appearance and threaten your oral health. While dental implants serve as the best long-term solution for teeth replacement, many patients settle on traditional dentures to restore their smile due to the expense. Unfortunately, dentures often come with several challenges, from the way they fit to their messy adhesive creams. If you suffer from missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures, we can help you with same day dental implants Napa. At 1899 Dental Implant, our priority is to provide top quality dental implants at the most affordable cost. We believe that everyone deserves to reap the benefits of implant dentistry. If you live in the greater Napa Valley area, a confident smile is now within reach.

There’s a lot to love about 1899 Dental Implant. Not only do we offer dental implants for just $1899, but we treat our patients with the highest standard of care in the process. Patients can take advantage of advanced 3D CT Scans, painless injections, computer-guided implant surgery and much more. We combine state-of-the-art technology with a skilled, patient-centered approach to ensure your dental implant experience is the best and you have same day dental implants Napa at affordable price.

At 1899 Dental Implant, we have chosen the most talented implant dentists in Napa Valley to serve you. They provide start-to-finish dental implants in the comfort of one office location. There’s no need to see a specialist for implant surgery and then a general dentist for your implant restoration; we do it all in-house for your convenience. Our dentists are qualified to perform all types of dental implants and associated procedures, including the following:

  • Single-Tooth Dental Implant
  • Multiple Dental Implants
  • Implant Overdentures
  • All-On-4 Implant Dentures
  • No Flap Gum Surgery

Dental implants can mimic your natural teeth better than any other option available. They provide unrivaled stability and valued sustainability, which means you can eat, speak and laugh with confidence. Unlike traditional dentures, they also preserve your jaw structure and do not require extra maintenance and give same day dental implants Napa at affordable price.

Our team serves the following Napa Valley cities with $1899 dental implants plus free consultations and free x-rays:

Ready to save thousands on your dental implants and still get the top ranked smile restoration you deserve? Contact 1899 Dental Implant  today or book online. The process is simple and the reward is great.