Rosemont, CA Dental Implants

If you live in the Rosemont area and want affordable dental implants, 1899 Dental Implant is your most trusted source. Missing teeth can cause a variety of dental problems that can affect your remaining teeth as well as your overall health. Depending on how many teeth you have missing, you may have the choice of getting a fixed dental bridge, removable partial dentures or removable full dentures. You also have another option – dental implants.

Dental implants are a very good choice for many reasons. They look, feel and function more like your natural teeth. They have superior longevity, and if you wear dentures, implants stay securely in your mouth without messy adhesive pastes or powders.

Even with all the advantages, many people avoid this option due to the expense. A dental implant can cost anywhere from $3,000 up to $5,000. If you have more than one tooth to replace, the price can get out of reach fast. There is a high-quality alternative for Rosemont area residents. 1899 Dental Implant provides affordable dental implants to fill the spaces left by missing teeth.

Affordable Implant Dentistry - $1899 Implants

You can get a quality implant placed by one of our Rosemont dental implants affiliates for as little as $1899. These implants are made of high-grade materials and placed by dentists in your area who have years of experience working with dental implants.

Same Day Teeth!

Cutting-edge technology used by our Rosemont area dental affiliates make it possible for some patients to go home with new implants on the same day. After a thorough dental exam, you will be informed if you are a suitable candidate. Minor surgery will be required, and placement of the implant, abutment and seating of the crown can be done in one visit. This saves you time and money, on top of the already low price.

All-on-4 Dentures & Implants

Do you have dentures that occasionally cause you embarrassing moments? Traditional dentures often need adhesives to stay in place. At the end of the day, that adhesive may not be as strong as it was. This can cause your dentures to clack, dislodge or even come out when you are eating, talking or laughing. Our All-on-4 Dentures & Implants eliminate those problems. These dentures are securely attached to four carefully placed implants and are locked or screwed into place. No more messy adhesives, slipping or clacking dentures. You can breeze through meals, conversations and fun times with confidence knowing your dentures will stay in place.

Contact 1899 Dental Implant today to find the nearest dental affiliate in Rosemont. Make your consultation appointment to learn more about affordable high-quality implants, and let your best smile shine.

Implants starts just from $699
Prices may vary based upon different situations.

National Average in USD
Surgical Placement of Implant $699 $1500-$2200
Abutment $499 $500-$700
Crown $699 $1200-1500
Total $1899 $3200-$4400
Other Procedures Comparison:
Simple Extraction $99 $149-$199
Surgical Extraction $199 $299-$399
Simple Bone graft up to 0.5cc per site $499 $599-$799
Membrane $299 $349
Custom CAD-CAM Abutment $499