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Though not often discussed, bone loss is a common issue within the jaw. There are several reasons why this bone can suffer atrophy or deterioration. Unfortunately, this can change the shape of your lower face as well as make it difficult to get dental implants after missing teeth. While there are bone grafting procedures available to rebuild lost bone and qualify patients for dental implants, it is important to understand what you can do to prevent jaw bone loss in the first place – especially if you want to take advantage of implant dentistry.

Why Does Jaw Bone Loss Occur?

Every mouth is unique. However, varying degrees of bone loss can occur in the following circumstances:

Tooth Loss/Extraction – When teeth go away, their roots go away. While this may not seem like a big deal for your smile, tooth roots are what keep your jaw bone strong and healthy. In fact, without regular stimulation from your tooth roots, the alveolar bone begins to degrade. This is known as bone resorption, or bone loss. It can be as little as two weeks after losing a tooth that bone loss is noticeable!

Advanced Periodontal Disease – Gum disease is a serious infection that, when left untreated, can destroy both the gums and the underlying bone. In the case of advanced gum disease (or periodontitis), bone loss may begin before tooth loss occurs. After the periodontal ligaments and supporting tissues erode, the tooth can come out and bone loss is further accelerated.

Smoking – Smoking tobacco lowers your body’s immune system, which makes it more difficult to ward off gum infection and the progressive bone destruction that occurs in its advanced stages,

Misaligned Teeth – It is also possible that the alveolar bone is slowly lost due to a misaligned bite and imbalanced pressure on the bone during biting or chewing.

Dentures – Traditional or removable dentures are not anchored into the jaw bone and instead, rest on the gum line. This can trigger additional bone loss within the jaw bone.

What Bone Loss Means for Dental Implants?

Dental implants rely on adequate jaw bone structure to stay in place. To prevent bone loss after missing teeth, implant dentistry is the only solution. If you have already suffered bone loss, however, and you wish to get dental implants, you do have options. Bone grafting is available as well as special dental implants (zygomatic implants) that are anchored into the cheek bone instead of the jaw bone.

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