No Flap Gum Implant Surgery

Implant placement calls for minor surgery to place the implant in the jaw bone. Traditionally, this procedure has entailed making incisions in the gum and peeling the gum away from the bone to prepare the area and place the implant. Once the implant is placed, the gums are then sutured closed and allowed to heal. There is now a way to accomplish placement of the implant without disturbing the gum in that way.

No flap gum implant surgery does not require that a flap of gum tissue be opened to place the implant. Instead of making a flap, a small circular piece of gum tissue is removed at the implant site. This is done with an instrument similar in appearance to a tiny cookie cutter. Once the tissue is removed the implant site is prepared and the implant is placed in the jaw bone. No sutures are needed to close the gum since there are no flaps involved.

Faster Healing and Less Pain

The no flap gum implant procedure promotes faster healing. Since there is less trauma to the gum, there is less pain after the procedure is completed. This method of implant surgery has been shown to greatly reduce, and in many cases, eliminate the bruising and swelling which is a key factor in post-operative pain.

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