Why Custom Abutments Are Worth the Investment

Posted on Aug 27, 2019 by 1899 Dental Implant

Just like other fields of dentistry, implant dentistry continues to advance and evolve with each decade. New materials, techniques and technology offer ways to make dental implants more successful than ever before. Developments include innovations within each component of a dental implant, which include the implant itself, the abutment and the prosthetic restoration (crown, bridge or denture). 

One of the most notable advancements in implant dentistry involves the abutment piece. The abutment serves a key purpose of attaching the prosthetic tooth above the gum line to the implant that has been surgically placed in the bone underneath the gum line. Implant abutments must deliver long-term strength, high stability, excellent biocompatibility and be resistant to corrosion. Without an abutment, a dental implant would not be able to function.

Older Stock Abutments 

In the past, dentists used stock abutments. In fact, this option is still widely available today. Stock abutments are manufactured in various standard sizes and angles. While this is a cheaper option, this cookie-cutter approach doesn’t always produce the best outcome. Stock abutments can result in an unnatural finish around the contours of the implant as well as less tissue support for neighboring teeth. Fortunately, modern dental technology has provided a way to customize an abutment for each individual patient.

Newer Custom Abutments

No two smiles are alike. Instead of relying on a pre-manufactured size for your dental implant abutment, why not choose one that is tailored to your individual needs. More and more dentists are turning to custom-milled abutments to better the process and results of dental implants. The benefits of customized abutments, which are especially valued when restoring anterior teeth, include the following:

  • Helps achieve a passive fit
  • Fabricated to the patient’s exact gingival architecture
  • Provides optimal emergence profile and a more natural-looking outcome
  • Allows easier correction of implant angle
  • Reduces the need for adjustments
  • Faster and smoother chair-side adjustments
  • Offers stronger material options (titanium and zirconia)

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