Simple Versus Surgical Tooth Extraction

Posted on Sep 25, 2019 by 1899 Dental Implant

While our teeth are designed to last a lifetime, there are many times in which a tooth can struggle to stay alive and healthy. Teeth that are severely decayed, damaged or infected may need to be removed by a dentist or oral surgeon. Tooth extraction is necessary before you get a dental implant. However, the complexity of the tooth removal may impact your overall cost and healing time. In general, tooth removal is categorized as either simple or surgical. There are several factors that can help you determine which type of procedure you can expect.

Simple Tooth Extraction

When the affected tooth can be removed without making any incisions or using special techniques, it is considered a “simple extraction.” This is generally the case when there is enough tooth structure above the gum line and the tooth can be removed while it is still intact. The shape, size and position of the tooth will influence whether it is removed with a simple or more invasive extraction method.

Surgical Tooth Extraction

It is not uncommon for patients to need a more involved method of removing a tooth. A surgical tooth extraction is often performed by an oral surgeon or a dentist who is uniquely trained in removing and replacing teeth. For the patient, surgical extraction typically involves sedation and a potentially longer healing period.

The complexity and time required to perform a surgical extraction can depend on factors such as the following:

  • Position of the tooth
  • Length and curvature of the root(s)
  • Thickness of bone surrounding the tooth
  • Patient’s overall health

Surgical tooth removal requires an incision in the gumline to expose the tooth for removal. This is common when teeth are impacted. Additionally, when bone is covering part of the tooth or if the tooth is broken below the gumline, a surgical incision will be needed. Incisions demand the use of sutures to aid in healing at the extraction site. Post-operative instructions for the patient also become very important. As you may expect, surgical tooth removal is more expensive than a simple extraction, but can be just as comfortable for the patient with the right sedation methods and a skilled dentist.

Road to Improved Dental Health

Regardless of which type of dental extraction you may need, you should consider the procedure as your first step on the road to a better, healthier smile. After a diseased or damaged tooth is removed, your mouth can prepare for dental implants. Dental implants are the closest replica to real teeth! In some cases, an extraction can be performed the same day as your dental implant is placed. Call 1899 Dental Implant today to learn what you can expect.

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