Are Dental Implants Right for You?

Posted on Aug 17, 2020 by 1899 Dental Implant

People have understood the value in replacing missing teeth for hundreds of years. In fact, the first form of a dental implant dates back to 600 AD when a Mayan woman used pieces of shell shaped like teeth and hammered them into her jaw. Fortunately, implant dentistry has come a very long way since then. However, the basic approach of anchoring replacement teeth into the jaw remains beneficial for several reasons.

If you have missing teeth and want to know if dental implants are better than getting bridge or traditional denture, ask yourself the following:

Do you want a permanent solution for your missing teeth?

Since dental implants are surgically placed in your jawbone and integrated with your surrounding bone and teeth, they offer a stable and very permanent solution. This is ideal for patients who do not want to incur the cost and hassle of undergoing restorative dentistry multiple times in their lifetime.

Are you bothered and limited by dentures that slip and slide?

One of the leading complaints about traditional dentures is their instability. Even the best quality dentures can lose their fit and comfort over time as your jaw and gums change. However, dental implants can be used to anchor your denture into your jaw so that there is no shifting when you eat, laugh or speak. Implants foster a more confident smile!

Are you interested in protecting your long-term oral health?

Dental implants rank high in aesthetics and function, but they are also better for your dental health. An implant replaces the missing tooth root and stimulates the jaw like a real tooth. This prevents jaw deterioration, which is a valued component of your overall oral health.

Considering dental implants? These are just a few questions to get you started. At 1899 Dental Implant, we would love to discuss your candidacy for dental implants in greater detail. We realize that implant dentistry is a notable investment of your time and money, but we have taken extra measures to eliminate the sacrifice on your part so that you can take advantage of this remarkable option in restorative dentistry. Let us replace your missing teeth today!

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