Making Dental Implants Affordable from Last two Decades

1899 Dental Implant has offered dentures and tooth replacement services from last two decades at a cost every individual can simply afford. We've helped thousands of patients to get their smiles back. And now, we have already created benchmark in industry giving implants accessible in our own Affordable manner!

Our capability to match affordability with quality makes us leaders in Dental Implant Industry.

We Buy in Bulk

1899 Dental Implant servers most parts of California and serve ten times more patients than any other normal practice handling thousands of patients yearly. Thanks to this massive scale in patient numbers, we have an ability to buy ready to get materials, supplies, and leading-edge technology at bigger discounts. We feel pleasure to pass these savings on to our patients.

We eliminate the liability of Middle man.

Our in house team takes care, cutting third man cost.

Every affordable denture we apply is crafted by on-the-scene laboratory that's entirely dedicated to that implants we apply. Our on-the-scene laboratory provides custom-crafted full dental implants and tooth-replacement services in real time eliminating the need of outside industrial laboratory saving time and providing same-day service which is our norm, while keeping prices surprisingly low and making patient personalized needs matched at higher proficiency.

Higher efficiency, Focused Services, Greater Volumes

We are primarily focused on specialized range of dental procedures – dentures, tooth extractions and implants – offering at very economical prices, we tend to see a high volume of similar cases. This empowers us to be extremely economical, that contributes to lower prices and hence lower costs to our patients.

Training & Technology outline Our Effort

Covering most of California the 1899 Dental Implant network has resources to support industry leading experts and technology. This keeps our practice staff, employees, and our laboratory Technicians at the forefront of technological trends. We have a tendency to perceive that professional training, leading technology, and latest tools which give tremendous advantages to our patient care. Our practice competitively invests in leading 3D imaging technology. The output result's in delivering a leading standard of optimal care and efficiency that keep costs simply the way you would like them - Affordable.

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